Thursday, September 25, 2008

All is WELL after.....

Very breezy and storm approaching
from the East that is coming up the
coast. It blew down a dead tree across
the street over an electric wire and was
smoking and flamed a bit. The fire
engine came and watched , the electric
company needed to take down the tree!
Thankfully, all is well late this afternoon.
All thanks to a late leaving student
and her family who wanted Emma to come
see an extraordinary mushroom in our
front yard. Emma saw the smoke as
she came up the driveway.

And fairies underneath?
Have to keep those sharp eyes
looking out for them!


podso said...

Extraordinary mushrooms...extraordinary fairies?
Did you see?

walking said...

It sounds like a good time for a science lesson on electricity or weather, now that the object lesson has concluded . . . :-)