Wednesday, August 30, 2017


The word "new" is a good one. New mercies every morning. 
Add an "S" and you have news:

Here's the news:

-The Little Bookroom Lending Library is opening next week for membership
- Several homeschool moms are coming.
- I teach two classes next week , actually, three. School begins. New Year.

- Another Grand is on the way and she is a girl! Due in late Feb. to #3 son and his wife! 

                                                         by Carl Larsson

Thursday, August 10, 2017


"Restlessness, from being a good servant, might become a hard master; indeed he sometimes does become so....the Daemon of Restlessness possesses [people], and they cannot settle to any kind of work or play because they always want to be doing something else. This is a very unfortunate state to get into, because it is only by going on doing one thing steadily that we learn to do it well, whether it be cricket or algebra; so it is well to be on the watch for the moment when Restlessness, the good servant, turns into Restlessness, the unquiet Daemon who drives us about from post to pillar, and will not give us firm standing ground anywhere in life." (Ourselves, p. 19 by Charlotte Mason)

Is school starting soon where you live?