Wednesday, March 14, 2018

that's enough messing around

Something has changed to get images off the computer. I have spent
enough time trying to find one for the headliner. I had a snow painting
by Carl Larsson and now a watercolor by Winslow Homer. It drove me 
crazy tonight and time seemed to evaporate and the room is getting 
darker so evening is here. One hour sprung ahead on Sunday and 
everyone is tired. My students were today.

Daughter back at school. Grands are doing well. It's quiet around here
except this afternoon in The Little Bookroom. It is so wonderful to see
children pick out stacks of books to read. They are so attentive and 
fall in love with a series and authors. It makes me happy. 

I do recommend A Gentleman in Moscow. It's the next Book Club read
and it reads fast. It reads like a movie. I had seen Phantom Thread recently
and in an odd way, it reminds me of that except the movie was a love
psychological story. It could have been written by Thomas Hardy who 
loved love triangles. 

I finished with Capital Gaines and read The Magnolia 
Story over Christmas. Their story of how Fixer Upper came about is
fascinating. I recommend even the audio because the Gaines are the 

And then there is Marilynne Robinson's new book of essays. I hope
I can understand what we are here for!

Image result for marilynne robinson what are we doing here

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Spring Break is here after class tomorrow. We are all ready to be free 
of the schedule. Daughter coming home next week. It's so good to stop
for a week. 

New grand is here: Ella Rose

We are smitten!

Working on stopping a cold from taking over me. 
I had 10 children at The Little Bookroom today who love books, know authors, 
brought me gifts and hugs. 

So good. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hello 2018: Letter Writing

 I thought about this blog and how I probably haven't said Hello to the New Year
on this page. Have you gotten use to the number 8 in writing the date? I wonder
if I have been back in last year on some checks ( I still write checks) or even 
letters. Yes, I do write letters. Today my students wrote letters to the freshman 
college students who were Seniors last year in our class. Got them mailed as 
a gift. I read them an excerpt from this book: 

( Page 83 if you get a copy) 

I adore her!  Her website Mail More Letters and a short Ted Talk: