Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent I

My book stack for this week of Advent:

                        Reading  with my students reading the author who was a pop star in his                                                  time... I call this A.C.C. by C.D. AND we will act out some scenes. 

               There is a chapter on Christmas in this book. I will reread some of Miss Read's                                                                            Christmas stories too. 

                Hope to get to this book soon.....mine has a Christmas tree as the book cover


Saturday, November 26, 2016

christmas is coming

It will get here fast! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Arrivals are hard. You have to wait. Daughter and her roommate are now over 2 hours late leaving the runway up North. 

Other kinds of arrivals are hard too.... like waiting for Christmas when we were young. 
Thanksgiving never had a waiting time to arrive until my kids flew the coop! Love having them come back. Only part of them this year as we have to share. Both sides and you know we can't go back to childhood days. 

Waiting for this daughter to come so I can watch The Crown ( she saw John Lithgow on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago in person) and Gilmore Girls with her. 

Waiting for arrivals. Got any? 

Little Dorrit actress and Dr. Who actor

and these Gilmore Girls....

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Do not fret. It leads only to evildoing. Trust in the Lord. Do good. 

Sarah writes: 
I am always a little startled at the way that Psalm rebukes my worry. It’s not even a casual, ‘trust God, don’t worry, be happy and smile,’ it’s a smack in the face to the angst that seems so innocent and reasonable and yet will lead, so the Psalmist claims, to ‘evildoing’. I’d pay less attention to this dramatic claim if I wasn’t so convinced of its truth.
 Angst and fear, they’re poisonous things that seep into sight and conversation, they tinge moments of joy, and steal trust. Fretting leads to suspicion, to insecurity, to shut doors and a shrunken world that keeps at bay any person or thing that may threaten my sense of well-being. Fretting leads to disintegration, of self, of hope, of healing.
Read it here.
Thoughts worth pondering.....
( photo from the murmuring cottage)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

November thoughts

It has been a few weeks since I have posted. So here are a few thoughts: 

- Magnaminous citizens.... how we need them
- Grace to Build Retreat energized my soul.
- Heard Steve Garber up at Montreat College on The Fall. He opened with Mumford and Sons to 21 Pilots to Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize with the words of his song "Everything is Broken." The artists led the way and get there first in culture. 
- The Little Bookroom is progressing. Private lending library opening next year in the basement. 
- How very precious are my students. How important their lives are. 
-  TEXT that friday morning from my daughter: I got  free tickets to Jimmy Fallon. Rocked her " little sister" in her house by taking her along. So there is a BIG then a Little then A Big then a Little: senior, junior, sophmore, and freshman) High Fived Fallon too!
( Susan B. Anthony is their house, they won the basketball tournament - every student at The Kings College is in a house and compete academically and in sports and volunteer together)
- holidays upon us... trying to make them simple... ANY IDEAS you can share?