Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He said HI for....

To add more to what Evan actually
said to Jan Karon as she left Westglow:
He had texted me "WHAT should I say
to her?" I said: Tell her hello from George
. He did and she sent her warmest
regards to him. Then Evan said, " My
mom uses his curriculum from his school
and has read all of your books." She replied
smiling, "Say HI to your Mom!"

He is given a special thanks at the end
of her book : Patches of Godlight.

My most recent "Mitford" experience was
yesterday. The home care PT was here
making sure I was set up for Outpatient PT.
Shortly after she left, I got a call.
"Hi, this is Joanne........
( and her last name)" We didn't get even far
enough for her to say with the Outpatient
Care! I knew her!
I do live in a city, not a small town
like Mitford. So I rejoice when God puts
peopleI know right in my path! It's comforting.
We felt like we should have coffee together to
catch up. That is Mitford.

Monday, August 30, 2010

He did say Hello to ...

Evan did get to say Hello to Jan
Karon. He said her hands were soft!
"Writers hands," I told him!

I heard her years ago here in Charlotte.
She was converted here and then went
up to Blowing Rock. And the rest of the
story , as Paul Harvey says, is Mitford.

"I've got a lot to download on your mercy and grace. I've always rushed up to You and dumped whatever it was and hurried away, fascinated by my own busyness. I want to turn all this over to You slowly, carefully, examining every fragment as I pass it off, so there'll never be any question about it again. Every time I've dumped and run, I've nearly always run back and snatched it out of Your hands. Help me in this.......Right now, I'm certain of only one thing - that You love us, and that's where we all have to begin."
Jan Karon

Saturday, August 28, 2010

the famous author from Blowing Rock

My third son has been working
at Westglow Resort and Spa in
Blowing Rock as a
valet. It is his summer job
Tonight's dinner guest:

Jan Karon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Pizza

A very old and dear friend is bringing
dinner to have with us. Pizza on the grill.
This couple have the same ordered children:
4 sons and 1 daughter. This couple is
awesome in the kitchen : they did
The Supper of the Lamb
dinner a few years ago for our Book Club.
So along with Tea in a Basket or Tea on Wheels
that two friends brought last week.
This is another idea to bless someone
recovering like I am.

Of course, both stayed to visit.
Do people do that any more?
Just stop by for a visit?

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Study?

The phone rang very late or very early
last night ( 12:30 a.m.). It was the newlyweds.
Air conditioner was out yesterday and being
on the 3rd floor , the heat rose even more.
Here they came to sleep as the summer heat
still lingered at that hour. They left early this
morning. Work day. I was thankful we live
nearby. Nearby to drop in or to come over
when in need. It is not a work day for me.
It is another day of healing from surgery.
I'm thankful for all the meals, baked goods,
letters, calls , emails, comments about my
recovery. It is coming along well. I am
halfway through the 6 week recovery period.

My sister came on friday for an overnight
with me. She always brings me baskets of
harvest from her garden and bakes or cooks.
I love the time to talk .
She's reading The China Study.
Do you know about this new book and it's
findings? It is the most comprehensive study
of nutrition ever done.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jan Karon's new book out in October

Jan Karon's second book in the
books about Father Tim will be
out October 19th. Read the first
chapter here.

Her site will transport you to Ireland.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Day is it?

I sometimes can't figure the day that comes
when I get up. Here's another one. It is worse
with recovery. Yesterday two friends brought
tea. Tea in baskets. I knew that was to be on

Today a friend brought shrimp chowder and
spinach salad. I knew that would be Tuesday.
I still have had a hard time thinking about what
day it is.

I've watched movies, finished Julie
Andrews memoir called Home, and still can't
believe August is half over. Everyone is gearing
up or starting back to school. The youngest son
goes to college on Friday. It will be quiet here.
Just the last one. The baby is now 13.
Left with our only girl.

You will love this: Gordan wanted stamps and
notecards to take. And took a very new book
I just got: Science and the Founding Fathers.
He loves to read and probably will need real books
because his classes will be texts. I'm always so sad
about that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanks for all the movie titles!

I thank you all who commented on
favorite movies. I watched Julie and
Julia AGAIN yesterday while decluttering
school shelves. I just sat and Emma lifted
stacks of books and things. Where to put
things?! We are finally packing up the
younger years of homeschooling to pass
on when those grand-blessings come along
to bless us! We have Young Victoria , Melissa,
to watch again. Yes, I loved that one so it was
a birthday present. We have watched:
Sleepless in Seattle, J&J, The Way We Were,
Under the Greenwood Tree ( BBC), The
Lakehouse, and episodes of Larkrise to
Candleford. PT is going well. I'm moving
around well. Get to see the new hip tomorrow
on an xray!

Friday, August 6, 2010

time to recover

Surgery is behind now and it went
well, even coming home a day early.
My days: PT, resting, replying to lovely
letters, reading if I can keep my eyes open,
and watching movies,

Any suggestions?