Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Day is it?

I sometimes can't figure the day that comes
when I get up. Here's another one. It is worse
with recovery. Yesterday two friends brought
tea. Tea in baskets. I knew that was to be on

Today a friend brought shrimp chowder and
spinach salad. I knew that would be Tuesday.
I still have had a hard time thinking about what
day it is.

I've watched movies, finished Julie
Andrews memoir called Home, and still can't
believe August is half over. Everyone is gearing
up or starting back to school. The youngest son
goes to college on Friday. It will be quiet here.
Just the last one. The baby is now 13.
Left with our only girl.

You will love this: Gordan wanted stamps and
notecards to take. And took a very new book
I just got: Science and the Founding Fathers.
He loves to read and probably will need real books
because his classes will be texts. I'm always so sad
about that.


Linda said...

I read familiar echoes of the waning nest in your post today. Such paradox.

podso said...

Big changes in the midst of your recovery. And you basically have to sit and watch it happen. But I do hope you got outside today--mugginess and all.

melissa said...

The card you sent me came in the mail today, and you made me cry. But it was a good cry. Kindness does that to me. :)

The ending you put on it was just what I needed to hear. "Go under His mercies, new every morn."

Hope you improve in health tonight and in the days ahead, esp. since you spread such joy to those you know.

(am thanking you publicly since I know others would voice the same things that I am here)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Bonnie, you seem to be well looked after. I hope the recovery is going very well with such good treatment from your close by friends.

I like the colorful new banner painting.

It is amazing how quickly this month is galloping by, isn't it.