Monday, August 23, 2010

What Study?

The phone rang very late or very early
last night ( 12:30 a.m.). It was the newlyweds.
Air conditioner was out yesterday and being
on the 3rd floor , the heat rose even more.
Here they came to sleep as the summer heat
still lingered at that hour. They left early this
morning. Work day. I was thankful we live
nearby. Nearby to drop in or to come over
when in need. It is not a work day for me.
It is another day of healing from surgery.
I'm thankful for all the meals, baked goods,
letters, calls , emails, comments about my
recovery. It is coming along well. I am
halfway through the 6 week recovery period.

My sister came on friday for an overnight
with me. She always brings me baskets of
harvest from her garden and bakes or cooks.
I love the time to talk .
She's reading The China Study.
Do you know about this new book and it's
findings? It is the most comprehensive study
of nutrition ever done.


podso said...

Odd to hear about the China study from two different people on the same day....but I've heard of it before and have known people that eat that way.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The book on nutrition sounds quite interesting...I'm glad to hear the recovering is coming along nicely.