Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He said HI for....

To add more to what Evan actually
said to Jan Karon as she left Westglow:
He had texted me "WHAT should I say
to her?" I said: Tell her hello from George
. He did and she sent her warmest
regards to him. Then Evan said, " My
mom uses his curriculum from his school
and has read all of your books." She replied
smiling, "Say HI to your Mom!"

He is given a special thanks at the end
of her book : Patches of Godlight.

My most recent "Mitford" experience was
yesterday. The home care PT was here
making sure I was set up for Outpatient PT.
Shortly after she left, I got a call.
"Hi, this is Joanne........
( and her last name)" We didn't get even far
enough for her to say with the Outpatient
Care! I knew her!
I do live in a city, not a small town
like Mitford. So I rejoice when God puts
peopleI know right in my path! It's comforting.
We felt like we should have coffee together to
catch up. That is Mitford.


melissa said...

And I'll bet folks gravitate toward you like a bee to honey. :)

Happy day!

Nancy Kelly said...

Lovely story, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing...