Monday, August 30, 2010

He did say Hello to ...

Evan did get to say Hello to Jan
Karon. He said her hands were soft!
"Writers hands," I told him!

I heard her years ago here in Charlotte.
She was converted here and then went
up to Blowing Rock. And the rest of the
story , as Paul Harvey says, is Mitford.

"I've got a lot to download on your mercy and grace. I've always rushed up to You and dumped whatever it was and hurried away, fascinated by my own busyness. I want to turn all this over to You slowly, carefully, examining every fragment as I pass it off, so there'll never be any question about it again. Every time I've dumped and run, I've nearly always run back and snatched it out of Your hands. Help me in this.......Right now, I'm certain of only one thing - that You love us, and that's where we all have to begin."
Jan Karon

1 comment:

melissa said...

An excellent quote, and one very timely for me.

How sweet that your son could share some personal info. with you about Jan Karon (re: her hands!).

Sweetness indeed.