Saturday, August 28, 2010

the famous author from Blowing Rock

My third son has been working
at Westglow Resort and Spa in
Blowing Rock as a
valet. It is his summer job
Tonight's dinner guest:

Jan Karon!


From the Kitchen said...

Bonnie: Thanks for stopping by my blog and bringing me to yours just in time to read about Jan Karon. I adore Jan Karon and Mitford. In fact, earlier in the summer I did several blog posts about my trip to "Mitford"/Blowing Rock. I did book talks at various libraries and other venues about Jan and her books. And, I've heard another one in the "Father Tim" series is due out soon.

Hope you recovery is progressing nicely!


melissa said...

Oh, how exciting and how sweet that he must've shared with you. :)

walking said...

How neat!!!!!

Nancy Kelly said...

So???Did they talk?

Nan said...

SO exciting!! I'd love to visit the town. The newest book is out this fall! I can't wait. It is about the trip to Ireland. Have you seen the great cover?

podso said...

coming back home for a visit I guess? How fun, and I know he was wishing you were there too...

Michele said...

Oh... how I miss Blowing Rock! Wow, Jan Karon as a guest! We did a book signing tea for her over 10 years ago when I worked at the Gideon Ridge Inn. Still have her signed copy of her first book. Have been praying for you and a speedy recovery.