Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hello 2018: Letter Writing

 I thought about this blog and how I probably haven't said Hello to the New Year
on this page. Have you gotten use to the number 8 in writing the date? I wonder
if I have been back in last year on some checks ( I still write checks) or even 
letters. Yes, I do write letters. Today my students wrote letters to the freshman 
college students who were Seniors last year in our class. Got them mailed as 
a gift. I read them an excerpt from this book: 

( Page 83 if you get a copy) 

I adore her!  Her website Mail More Letters and a short Ted Talk:


melissa said...

....off to look up this author...scuttling online to search library.....

podso said...

I will be back to watch it all. So I did my talk on writing letters/notes/encouragement a couple of weeks ago, and once again showed off some of your many notes through the years and the young ladies were so intrigued and amazed at your creativity and words! Your example continues to inspire.