Monday, September 22, 2008

Slaying the cold germs

Seems like the girls in the house
are the ones fighting the cold germs
today. We're drinking green tea, taking
Vit. C and antioxidants,even homemade
vegetable soup at lunch. Such glorious
days do not need cold germs. AMEN.

Finishing up Pride and Prejudice as
a reread and to keep up where my students
are. It gets richer each time. I highly
rec. a reread if you haven't read it in years.
It has made me ponder Jane Austen's
incredible eye for character and the lack

1 comment:

walking said...

The Glaser boy (David) gave the Glaser girls (Tammy and Pamela) a nasty cold. Soup, antioxidants, tea, etc. were not enough to beat it back, sadly!

I hope you and Emma feel better soon.