Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some knew it

Some of my students knew the
first line of P&P. I keep telling
them I'm helping them memorize
it! Great fun as the young boys look
at me with such a look that means
REALLY? HOW? The girls get it ,
the guys don't. Seems to be a theme
here that I hope they see too!
It's fun to see them transform from
now until the end of the year. It's one
reason I do this class and I do love
books. We're studying Aesthetics too
in my class. Studied Kandinsky today
as we ready for a trip to the museum
in October to see the tomato soup
can painter: Andy Warhol. Modern

For several reasons , I like this painting.
This artist looked at Monet's haystack
paintings 20 years before and loved the
color. Thus, he got the courage to paint
Abstract Art in the early 1900's. Looks
more modern, doesn't it. This is before
Picasso. Also, he teaches at Bauhaus, the
architectural school in Munich, You can
see the influence into our modern buildings
if you look at the art.

Vassily Kandinsdy, 1923

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Leopardprintjacket said...

My goodness Mrs. B~ I can totally see man's longing for mountains in the Kandinsky painting you posted! they're everywhere!