Saturday, September 13, 2008

Staying IN

I've stayed at home for the
second day, as I try to conserve
gas. Sent my husband on one
errand during his errands this morning.
( by the library...........)
A stack of audio books! Now to
find the time out of the car to
listen to them! ( Thimble Summer
for Emma, The Guernsey Literary...
and Gilead for me) I have a very old
copy of Thimble Summer but
Emma was asking for another
audio. Fourth son is quite a reader too.
He just finished Ron Paul's book which
had to go back to the library. Two of
his older brothers came in and out ,
looked at it and wanted to read it. Guess
I'll put another HOLD on it!

Good day for getting several pages
of a Scrapbook done. Not really my
thing but I like the finished product
to look at. I prefer making altered things ~
cards or a book. Got several sermons
downloaded and partly put on CD's .
Need another lesson from the 4th son.
Maybe he's reading! He was outside
a bit ago............... Sermons by:

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podso said...

Stayed in today too, Felt good not to be using gas. I noticed the price uppings as I drove home last night. Some were a little "over the top", no pun intended.