Thursday, September 10, 2009


From Hamlet:

"Or I could make a prologue to
my brains..." Act 5:scene 2

means: before I could alert my

It continues to " they had begun the
play. So before you know it , something
begins and you haven't the time to see
it start. You can't even give a prologue
to your mind!
That happens in the rush of days.
Things begin and you've missed the start.

A new blog I discovered as I searched the
web for Tolkien's essay on Fairytales.
I recommend it for word lovers, for those
who love to see in metaphors. It is
The Quotidian Journal by Daniel Haase
who is a professor at Wheaton College.
Samples of haiku and definitions:


It is the people more than the place. It is the open hand then interlocking fingers and the sway of arms while walking together. It is the decision to love.


If it's good, it is a bound cloister where one, like a monk, is able to enter.

Haiku XIV

The kettle calms down—
Tea leaves steep in hot water.
The prayers have begun.

Haiku XIII

Freshly pressed coffee—
Then a splash of cream, swirling.
My wife’s greeting kiss

You can vote on your favorite
words on the right side. I got swept into the
world of words and the song of them.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

"Book" wins, in my book...

a bound it.

melissa said...

I'm partial to the kettle one. Thanks for cozy. :)