Monday, September 7, 2009

Resting ....from our labors

The blessing was my husband and daughter
going to get the new cell phone. Have to have
one Tammy~~ several of my sons only have
cell phones. You'll need one one day. Tammy's
several sites are listed on her main page. She is
a hero of mine!!! Do you have any?

One son called from the coast last
night to say he was leaving to head back to the
mountains to get in a day of studying today.
I thank the Lord for His provisions. We don't take
it for granted the labor done to provide for the
finances. We're thankful for work.
We are anticipating HIS answers to those out
of work. God providing in ways that bring
such glory to HIM that we will sing! Every just
broken out in song because of God's provisions?!!

My second son awaits a January Police Academy
selection after graduating from college in May. I'm now
( after not getting selected for Sept. Academy)
excited that he is our Yard man and cleaning out
the overgrown parts of our yard. Painting is next!
I also have seen TIME given to him.
We sometimes don't know what to do with it. We
are always looking for more of it then here it is:
TIME...and we feel as if we need to be busy.
What is wrong with reading all the books he didn't
read in college? I keep reminding him he won't be
living at home forever either!!!! I'm thankful
for this time with him over coffee and even a glass
of wine!

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