Monday, September 21, 2009

So what's cooking?:

I stopped into a closeby branch
of our library system and found
a Barefoot Contesa In Paris cookbook.
It's a fun cookbook to read. I didn't know
she took a trip to France way back in the
1970's , then came home and got Julia
Child's The Art of French Cooking, vols.
one and two. For the next 7 years, she
cooked her way through those cookbooks.
"It was the best cooking education I could
have had." In 1978, she left Wash. DC to buy
Barefoot Contesa ,then a small speciality
food shop in the Hamptons. ( the east end
of Long Island, NY) The rest is history.
I made her Green Lentil Sausage Stew .
My senior in high school said "Who
is that for?" " Maybe I'll freeze it for a cold
winter day." " NO , you don't eat it that way,
You eat soup fresh!" Well, he could be in
one of the cookbooks. My oldest son was in and
out ( day off from accounting firm) AND he
said " It smells like India in here!" Cumin.
Fresh Thyme. Tomatoes I had frozen. Onions,
celery, carrots, zucchini ( I just had some that
needed to be eaten), green lentils.........and later
some chicken sausage and a bit of wine.

The other cookbook is one to read and learn:
The River Cottage Cookbook
It started in Dorset, UK when Hugh bought a
farm and started rearing small animals, gardening
and self-sufficiency. He has a show in England.
I'm sure I can find a youtube of him. He has a
joie-de-vivre and a bit of Wendell Berry in
sustaining the land and keeping food local.
He has online courses too.

Photos from the triathlon coming. Emma needs
to get them off the camera. Evan made it except
at mile 16 his bike tire blew out! ( out of 21 miles)
They tried tofix it twice and then he came down
the the Staffer's run the 5 mile
and finish!

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podso said...

The soup sounds delicious! And even though it is warm and sticky out, the gray day makes it feel cool and like fall. Time for soup. Love that picture on your header; I have it somewhere, I guess on my computer.