Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swim, Bike, Run

Swimming to the bouy and then turn
left to the next one and back to shore.
40 laps = 1ooo meters

Son in navy cap. It was easier to see him. He
pulled it off in the water and the googles as
he swam.

Getting READY, SET .......GO!!!

Coming in from the swim............onto biking

Water before the bike ride

At the finish line with DAD ~~~

That is what you do in a
Triathlon. My oldest married
son did a Half Iron Man last
October in Florida. It took him
12 hours ( half a full ~~ which
means 55 miles of biking, 13 miles
of running ,?? of swimming).
Third son Evan did a Sprint
Triathlon a few weekends ago.
It is always in a lake , swimming
1000 meters or 40 laps. He biked
21 miles ( tire blew at 16 so missed
the last 5) and running 5 miles. why? A goal. A goal
to be in shape and conquer.
To finish. To do it well. They both
did and each has a story now.


melissa said...

Well-done. You've done a good job in raising those boys. :)

podso said...

Proud mom, and you should be! Yea #3 !

Bonnie said...

I still find it incredible that they did what they did. They aren't training all the time but do work out. I can't imagine doing that!

Thanks for commenting , both of you!
You make me smile!