Friday, September 25, 2009

So that is what Homeschooing is

Emma and I were in the drs. office
yesterday for what turned out to
be allergy symptoms. We had an
interesting conversation in the waiting
room with an 11 year old girl and her
12 year old brother. They both thought
Emma was in high school. She is rather
tall. They assumed she went to their
Middle School. When she said " I am
homeschooled," he said " Oh , Do
you learn how to cook?"

That's what a 12 year old boy thinks
homeschooling is.

We told him she does all her work from
books and me and others, he just started
to give us advice, esp. on her math!
It tickled me. He's going to be a salesman
or a politician. Quite a chatter that one.
I can imagine his teacher has fun with
him. Very interesting to see how he
thought. He loves his school. I like that.
So does Emma.

See I'm a book reviewer now.
Sort of feels imp0rtant!

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