Monday, September 14, 2009

Good words

I found this new blog and
this post made me think
about teaching or even for yourself,
when reading and developing a
Christian worldview:

It's on Shafts of Light while
reading Plutarch , the Bible,
and then on education as
repentance ( George Grant)

The Beehive, by Lynne B.
Amblesideonline advisor

And speaking of knowing and repentance, here's something we teachers all need to learn and repent of: You can't rush shafts of light. They don't give a hoot about your tight schedule or that your genetic code fritzes out mid-afternoon without hot tea. They need space befitting what they are. The same shaft of light that wreaks glare and havoc on the freeway creates luminous glow on a still meadow.

Take a look and think.
Think and be thankful for
others who help us even when
we weren't looking! Thank you Lynne!

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