Friday, September 4, 2009


Pondering on time as summer closes and
we have delicious cool air. Time which is
filled with different ingredients than the
summer days. Time which now has school
within its days. Finite and sometimes pressed
in, but God gives us feasting. His Word. His body.

This week was a birthday dinner for a friend
who has served the Lord with a missions
organization for years. Many. It was hosted by
another friend and a sort of membership
that Wendell Berry writes about esp. in
Hannah Coulter. This was a bon appetit
celebration of food a la Julia Child

and sisterhood. Bon Appetit indeed!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What a blessing to have such a community in your life!

Reading Hannah Coulter set me to wondering where such people ever were in my growing up or even in my now time. Sadly lacking for the most part. But, thankfully, I have a hopeful future!

I went to Podso's link...what a pretty table she sets. Guess I ought to go back over there and leave a comment.

Bonnie said...

Welcome to our community on the other
coast! I sent your blog on
England to them so maybe there's a spirit connection happening!
Wish you could be in our book club!
We have to work on that in the midst of full lives. You know how that goes.