Monday, August 17, 2009

great words: It is holy

The Sabbath.
It is time sanctified.
It is a divine rhythm of work and rest.
It is a pattern to help us with soul
fatigue, bodily stress, and social
breakdown. Our soul needs to
detox. We are not to DO
but to BE. In other words,
do nothing. It is a day to enter
into heaven to renew our souls.
(yesterday's sermon by Dr. Mike

Why is that hard for us?
It is a gift and it was made for us.
I love thinking that it is sanctified.
Something holy right in my life as I
am being sanctified, being transformed
into His image.


melissa said...

Beautiful words about the Sabbath. Thanks for that.

Oh, and wondered if you'd tell me the artist of your header painting. He's one I tried to find just recently. Help! :)

podso said...

Seems we are being hit by sabbath thoughts from all sides, eh? Must consider that book, or at least read it if not for bookclub.

Bonnie said...


I knew when I changed the headliner. I'll have to think and get back to you on the artist. Plus all of our computer woes this past week could have left the artist on my old computer.
Tune back in....because I would like to find another one by the artist.


melissa said...

Was it William Merritt Chase?

Looks sorta like his stuff. ;)