Monday, August 10, 2009

Hannah Coulter ----like!

We're having our Book Club
tomorrow night on Hannah
Coulter by Wendell Berry.
I have read it 3 times and could
reread it. There are major themes
and major sentence structures of
exquisite beauty that
goes deep . ....
deep into the heart
and soul.

Ann Voscamp of Holy
wrote a
Wendell Berry type blog
on What a Man Can Do to a Women.
It's her life not Hannah's but
they seem to collide today.

He, a farmer, knew how to nurture the tender ones.

When she wavered, he held her, girded her with prayer, and she cleared out a bedroom closet to fill it with books, held down her side of the room with words, and on his side he read the farm paper and the book of Proverbs and in the middle, they met, and he drew her close, and he smiled when she created and nodded when she went and said no to her performing and yes to her just being and, crazy man, whispered too often that she was beautiful and asked her, please, to believe him and he always, always, always said that everything, always was good. Everything, always…

Also a similar theme of stitching
and embroidery of love in Hannah

Here from Ann:

He watered her softly and she canned stories instead of pears and when she doubted what it was to be a woman, he said she was good. And she calmed when she rocked babies and stitched lines instead of threads and he said everything was good and so was she, and she clicked shutters and keys and opened her life up to glory.


melissa said...

Will be ordering this book, as our library system doesn't have it. Be sure to share more about your Book Club meetings. You know I'll be there vicariously. :)

Bonnie said...

Yes, I know you will. I just told a friend about my blogging friend ( you) and how we wish you were at our Book Club nights. I think you would love it that we don't have any set book club dates , just when books come up, we gather together to respond to the work of art. Art meaning words....that need to transform us. I bought the book early this summer and it's my third read. You will adore it!It will minister to you deeply!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hannah Coulter is here and waiting for me to open up to the first page today!

Your post here is beautiful and I went to Ann's as well and read her links. Tears come at her open hearted honesty; I find myself in some of her words.