Saturday, August 1, 2009

a log cabin .....

Right in the middle of a bustling
part of our city where growth has
transformed it ( oh Wendell
Berry would shiver at the
farmland that was there) ,
is a community house: a log cabin.
That is where a former student
had her graduation luncheon today!
I was quite impressed: an old cabin
big enough for perhaps 40
to 50 people to gather and eat.
They knew in the 40's that is was
important to have it.
I was also impressed with her
homey touch on the mantle
( real fireplace): photos and books.
I saw Paul Johnson's Art book first,
then others:
Jane Austen , What's Mine is Mine
( George MacDonald : I teach this in
the Spring) ,A Year in Provence.....I'm
sure a Bible was there too. No
other words for her education
except a pool. She'll be swimming
for Grove City College in the fall.

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