Monday, August 31, 2009

Spurgeon again

"Under the most happy circumstances
thou canst not give light for another hour
unless fresh oil of grace be given to thee."

" Pretended grace from natural goodness,
fancied grace from priestly hands,or
imaginary grace form outward ceremonies
will never serve the true saint of God;
he knows that the Lord would not be pleased
with rivers of such oil.
He goes to the olive-press of Gethsemane,
and draw his supplies from Him who was
crushed therein. The oil of grace is pure and
free from lees and dregs ,and hence the light
is fed thereon clear and bright. "

I am full of GRATITUDE for these words
this morning.

(Gratitude Community of Holy Experience)
Painting :Van Gogh: Olive Trees with the Alpilles


Rhondi said...

Spurgeon had so many wonderful words to say. I am always inspired by his books. I have just spent a little while reading some of your previous posts and getting to know you a little bit It felt like I was visiting with an old friend!

Bonnie said...


I think we are the same city!