Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the gift of getting away

I'm thankful tonight for an
overnight at my sister's house.
It was not planned. Just happened.
(all because the blueberries in her
"pick your own" were "not many"
and I saw why ~~~ it's the end of the
season. 3 weeks earlier and maybe that
means a cold winter?) It was good for
my soul. I haven't gone alone in years.
It was probably when my mom was
not well and then near Christmas the
Lord gathered her up in His arms to
be with Him forever. We talked about
missing her this past weekend. We just
want to talk to her and imagine her listening.
She was good at that. Very good. She loved
talking to each of her 8 children. And there
she was in a photo album we looked at
yesterday: picking blueberries in a lawn


podso said...

How good for you to have that time--you two sisters out of 8 siblings. Now before school begins. Your new header looks like it could be you guys!

melissa said...

"It was good for my soul." Love that sentence.

Jock Bethune said...

Wow! Bonnie, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here about Mom! They brought tears to my eyes, my heart and my soul! We were (and are) so blessed to have her for our mom!