Thursday, May 29, 2008

A row of Birthdays!

Lots of birthday celebrations
of friends this week. Tuesday
was this birthday tea
( me in the blue)
yesterday was another friend's,
today was the Supper of the Lamb
friend. She taught me how to hook
a rug so we took a trip to Goodwill
to look for a brown that she needs
for her gorgeous rug. Didn't find it
but I found a wonderful dark grey
skirt with a slight pink stripe on it.
Very slight and a Pendleton. Their
sheep bear the softest fleece and
must graze on very green pastures
of Psalm 23! Always 100% wool!
It will be cut apart, washed, and
then cut in strips for my rug.

Now heading out tomorrow to celebrate
a new friend's 50th who lives in
Chattanooga. She's invited a few friends
to spend the weekend on the river! I
think I'm the one being blessed with this
weekend. It's sort of Hobbit-like , you know,
they throw parties for their friends on their
own birthday! I met her here
and will miss seeing her in a few weeks at
that conference. She's celebrating her
parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary!
Imagine! 60 years together. Now that's
a blessing indeed!


melissa said...

What a treat to see you. I just told Dotsie of seeing a photo of you in an email awhile ago.

A joy to see your sweet face again over at her place!

Dorothy said... are such a busy lady...looks like your having lots of fun...a good thing. Dee Dee

Linda said...

Happy Birthday!!

It seems you all have lots of fun things going on there, while we seem to be always at war over here. I think I may pack my bags for a little visit!