Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heading up to Boone

To pick up Evan from App. State Univ.
Other two older sons are in finals until
Thursday. I give my Antiquity Literature
Final to my high school students on Thursday.
The school year is wrapping up and being
neatly bowed! Only one graduate this May:
the oldest with a MACC. Summer awaits and
that reminds me of a quote from a good book:

" Summer did come at last and, when it did ,
it was one of those summers of poems and
stories and country pictures, a once-upon-a time summer,
it was hot day after day , week after week, so we slipped
into a dream, where we imagined it never-ending ,
a paradise world of long, golden days."

The Magic Apple ~ A Country Year by Susan Hill



Gail said...

I love that! It makes me dread the hot summer days just a little less!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh, you quote from one of my very favorite books! I just re-read The Magic Apple Tree again this year.