Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day to watch Cranford

Is tomorrow on Masterpiece
Theatre online. Here's a line
I wrote down that Mr. Holbrook
said to Miss Matilda:

"Haste has never been our hallmark,
Miss Matilda! We would be unshaped
if we began to move at speed!"

Miss Matilda (Matty) Jenkyns

Dame Judi Dench


walking said...

The wagging tongues in Cranford reminded me very much of the small town where I live!

I loved the ending when Mrs. Poole, the confirmed spinster, becomes breathless at the sight of Miss Matty Jenkyns's long lost brother. More fodder for the wagging tongues. . .

Bonnie said...

Yes, that was a spark at the end.
Mrs. Poole played it so well!


Dorothy said...

Bonnie..I watched the whole series...Judi Dench was the attraction as Matty....I was completely drawn in by this little town....laughed and cried a little...

A lovely post...Dee Dee