Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring on the higher elevations

We crossed the Continental Divide right
at Blowing Rock this morning and Spring
came back. The higher elevations had
bare limbs and that wonderful Spring GREEN
with new leaves. The mts. had a sort of quilt-like
coloring which brought back thoughts of Spring.
The park in Blowing Rock was full of daffodils.
Ours are gone, way gone!

Great day which has been punctuated with
music. You know when you hear someone new
and say "WHO is that?" That's what happened when
we got back at 7:30, got omelets going, fresh whole
wheat bread from the bakery in Boone, and the
Weepies to serenade us! Can't Go Back Now.....
very appropriate for bringing SON #3 home from
his first year at college! He'll go back in August!
Ping pong tournaments start in the basement!
The older two sons finish tomorrow with finals.
Celebration of endings!

Say I Am You

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