Monday, May 26, 2008

Capture the Castle

Several friends are reading "I Capture
the Castle" by Dodie Smith. I read it years
ago and couldn't remember who introduced
it to me. Last week, I ran into a friend
coming out of Target and it was her!
Dorene won't watch the movie and
we were going to pick it up
at the library. I needed to remember the
whole story. I like the book better . BUT
I just discovered the main character
(Romola Garai) has played in recent movies:
Amazing Grace ( the girl who marries
William Wilberforce) and in Atonement
( 18 year old Briony, the
nurse in the war)....and Cassandra


podso said...
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podso said...

In this picture, (top), Cassandra looks much older than I pictured her! Movies usually spoil your mind's pictures, don't they? My worse ever was seeing Ashley in Gone with the Wind.

Bonnie said...

Cassandra is 17 in the book? I might be wrong on that. Romola said in the
Behind the Scenes that she was exactly Cassandra's age when she filmed it.


Nan said...

And the young man was the boy in E.T.! I did like the movie, as well as the book.