Monday, May 19, 2008

Reading Rumer Godden

I'm catching up on my bookshelf
that has books I've collected. One
author is Rumer Godden. I finished
IN THIS HOUSE of BREDE last week.
It is about Philippa Talbot who leaves
her professional job in London to enter
a monastery, cloistered Benedictine
nuns, in England, about
the 1950s. I love the phrase "We have
you tucked in our sleeves." I imagine
several notes and names in those nuns
sleeves. Maybe there are pockets in them?

" We have you tucked in out sleeves,"
Dame Perpetua had written to the expectant
mother. 'In our sleeve.' and it was true.
Every nun had her personal post , a continual
stream of letters went out - 'lifelines' , many
people called them: each anchored in the
strength of prayer."

Today I started The Greenage Summer.
Greengages are plums!

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