Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Hunter Museum

Turned into a room in the colonial
house museum and walked around
to find this painting that I love and
had on my headline but was too big.
There was "Girl on a Swing" by Winslow
Homer, a pencil drawing above it and
the watercolor below ~~ not very big.
Not very big but OH SO beautiful.
He captures extraordinary moments
of beauty. Just a little girl enjoying the
sunshine on a summer day. I love her
legs crossed and her shoes and that hat!

Winslow Homer - Girl on a Swing - Art Prints and Posters


beth said...

Chattanooga is wonderful! With Thomas at Covenant, I've made several visits there this last year. Last time I was there, the boys and I went to the Hunter and had a delightful time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

Linda said...

Winslow Homer is one of my favorites, and the Little Girl swinging is just wonderful. It oozes with summertime.