Friday, June 27, 2008

The Quality of Mercy is not strain'd

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice bles

Portia's words came back to me after
going into Chick-Fil-A to get a free chicken
salad sandwich and use a free coupon. Free
lunch. My dear friend Barb, had just given
me what to say ( customer appreciation day
and if you said " I am a raving CFA fanatic
at the Arboretum", you got a free sandwich).
It wasn't in our plans to eat out but Emma
and I thought "FREE" and crossed the parking
lot. When we left , I was blessed to see a young
Mom and her 3 children who is moving away.
I thought IF I hadn't come over and Barb
hadn't given us the FREE coupons and saying
then I would have missed her. Twice blessed,
so the above came to my mind. God's plans
for my day.....!

It is an attribute to God himself......

( The Merchant of Venice)
excellent for recitation!


melissa said...

Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed seeing your family's photos lately. Such a treat to see your faces!

Bonnie said...

Not all of them....
but learning how to do
all of this computer stuff.
I personally prefer a pen
and paper! BUT how would I
ever have met you!


Gail said...

As I ate the other half of my veggie sandwich the next day, everyone at work drooled over it! That's why we'll wait 40 minutes to eat there!! Loved having you & Emma here!!!