Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from Childlight Conference

So much fun to be with educators
who are on the same page. They
come every year so there's a relation-
ship growing. Community developing
all around Charlotte Mason. You
can read more here.
I had a homeschooler tell me how
she put into practice Poetry from my
workshop last year. Poetry in the Park
and then they added Nature Study. This
year they will add Mom's meetings! She
wanted to let me know God had planted
the seed in the workshop and it is blooming!

A taste of one Plenary that was on Aesthetics:

Looking for effects of the Fall and Redemption
in these from Lori Lawing:

Dominico Ghirlandaio
An Old Man and His Grandson

Music Study:
Modest Mussorgsky
Pictures of an Exhibition
( orch. by Ravel)

Poetry Recitation:

From A Country Dairy of an Edwardian
"Lessons From The Gorse"
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Mountain gorses, ever-golden,
Cankered not the whole year long!
Do ye teach us to be strong,
Howsoever pricked and holden,
Like your thorny blooms, and so
Trodden on by rain and snow,
Up the hill-side of this life, as bleak
as where ye grow?

Mountain blossoms, shining blossoms,
Do ye teach us to be glad
When no summer can be had,
Blooming in our inward bosoms?
Ye whom God preserveth still,
Set as lights upon a hill,
Tokens to the wintry earth that
Beauty liveth still!

Mountain gorses, do ye teach us
From that academic chair
Canopied with azure air,
That the wisest word man reaches
Is the humblest he can speak?
Ye, who live on mountain peak,
Yet live low along the ground, beside the grasses meek!

Mountain gorses, since Linnaeus
Knelt beside you on the sod,
For your beauty thanking God, -
For your teaching, ye should see us
Bowing in prostration new!
Whence arisen, - if one or two
Drops be on our cheeks - O world,
they are not tears but dew.

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walking said...

I loved Lori's presentation, too! I definitely plan to share Mussoursky with my children--and Strauss, too!!!!