Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow and the warmth of music

By Audrey Haick
It was a day like any other
their weary feet bathed in dust, dirt
a burst of light in the sky
Lord, Elijah, Moses
captured radiance
Peter awestruck
heart’s ablaze
Faith sealedLight
Put yourself in the shoes of Peter and take it all in as best you can. Remind yourself that just as God was present in this scene, He is present with you right now. Be present with Him as well.
Read more here and listen to Stufan Stevens. 
Later in Matthew 16:21-28, Jesus proceeds to explain that His vocation as the Son of Man is to suffer and die at the hands of His enemies.
His vocation- ( from the 1828 Dictionary which usually has a sentence after the definition)
 VOCA'TION, n. [L. vocatio, from voco, to call. See Voice.]
1. Among divines, a calling by the will of God; or the bestowment of God's distinguishing grace upon a person or nation, by which that person or nation is put in the way of salvation; as the vocation of the Jews under the old dispensation, and of the Gentiles under the gospel.
2. Summons; call; inducement.
What can be urged for them who, not having the vocation of poverty to scribble, out of mere wantonness make themselves ridiculous!
3. Designation or destination to a particular state or profession.
None is to enter the ecclesiastic or monastie state, without a particular vocation.
4. Employment; calling; occupation; trade; a word that includes professions as well as mechanical occupations. Let every divine, every physician, every lawyer, and every mechanic, be faithful and diligent in his vocation.

The good vocation of Stufjan Stevens, Cat Steven's son and now listening to his beautiful album: Come on the feel Illinoise: 

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I didn't know Sufjan's father was Cat. Didn't know!