Thursday, February 12, 2015

it seems like friday

But it is not. 
The North Wind is blowing in .
The fireplace is going. 
I am going to sit here.

from here

I have read alot.
A Winter Walk by Thoreau ( started in class today and reading it slowly)
Moby Dick ( wonderful readings here: Benedict Cumberbatch is Chap. 58)
Psalms ( reading through  slowly with my sister and oldest brother from Tim Keller's book on                Prayer )

The Glamour of Grammar ( do like this book )

My book club book needs to be picked up again: Eric Metaxas' Bonhoeffer.
I am halfway done and have a month to go. It is as long as Moby Dick but 
it is different than going after a whale. The Germans were going after the world. 

Valentine's Day is upon us. 

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podso said...

I also thought all day Thursday was Friday. wonder why.