Saturday, February 28, 2015

being thankful

Aren't you amazed when you find an expected reference
to a quote that will send you on a hunt to find a treasure?

This just happened to me in starting a biography of Willa 
Cather by Hermione Lee (a wonderful biographer). 
I just found a reference to earlier American writers which
sent me to D.H. Lawrence's Studies in Classical American 
Literature. ( that author of those books 
of those shocking books  I read in college) 

 My class is reading Moby Dick. One student 
is writing a paper on Edgar Allen Poe. There is a whole 
chapter on Poe: "Poe buries himself under it ( mastering 
space) , in what D.H. Lawrence calles his 'horrible underground
passages of the human soul." 

So thankful for footnotes and good writers and good stories.

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