Saturday, February 7, 2015

book rescuers

I know many who love to rescue books.
Aren't you one of them?

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They look in  library sales and used bookstores.
One friend had a pile last week . She said she
feels like she is a book rescuer. She will find a home
on her shelf, in her children's hands, or to a friend. 
She is so afraid libraries will throw out these old
friends in the stories. Throw out the books. 
I did throw out a tax textbook this week: 2008. 
My son said : toss it out. 
I am sure the information is dated already. 
But the old books, no.

Today I had a grand time in a good used bookstore. 

This looks easy to make for Valentine's: 

and one more thing:

Sally Lloyd- Jones' new book is out and is precious . 
Beautiful illustrations and of course, Sally takes your heart
and makes you become a child again. I got it out of the library!

very short book trailer

The book reminds me of this :
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Lorrie said...

I laughed when I thought of your high school lit students looking at my blog while studying Moby Dick.

While we were out there on the ocean, we realized how very easy it must have been for whalers to find these magnificent creatures and kill them. They can't dive deep for a long time because they are mammals, and when they blow, the effect is visible for miles. Man is their only predator (once they are adults).