Wednesday, February 18, 2015

a little book

 I found a little book to add to my collection of Paul Gallico's books. 
He  wrote The Poseiden Adventure.
 I found Snowflake  last weekend at the used bookstore. 
This book was written in 1952.  The story is told by the snowflake
from the moment she is formed to her fluttering to the earth. 
I found many  cheap copies online and ordered one to give 
to my friend who is the  book rescuer. Gallico ackknowledges the One
who made the snowflake and the beauty she encounters is very
Thoreau-like in his words. 

She is bedazzled by the sunrise as the most glorious thing she has 
ever seen. Then she sees the next beauty...

Alas, in this age , you can have the book read to you
You miss the beauty of the tiny illustrations though. 

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Heather said...

Thank you for highlighting this book. I read Gallico's Snow Goose last year, but didn't realize he wrote so many others. I like how you describe your friend as a 'book rescuer'. That is a title I could aspire to. :)