Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gerhard Groote.... ever heard of him?

                ( the beginning of The Book of Hours by Gerhard Groote)

He's Dutch and lived in the 14th century.
At such a tumulous time ( Black Plaque and the Hundred Year's War ), he started the Brethren of the 
Common Life movement that started schools and translations of the Bible and strong biblical preaching.

He had a multigenerational plan. He understood that it had taken a very long time for Western civilization to get into the mess that it was in and that no man or movement, no matter how potent or effective, would be able to turn things around overnight. That was why the heart and soul of his plan was to disseminate the Scriptures and build schools. His covenantal theology had led him to have a generational vision, one that enabled him to invest in a future he would likely never see on this earth.

Who went to these schools?
Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Melancthon, Bucer, and Beza.

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Happy Valentine's Day!


melissa said...

Happy Valentine's to you as well and THANK YOU so much for the adorable pug card. :) You're a sweetie!

debbie bailey said...

He certainly had some astute pupils! We should never underestimate the power of one.