Monday, February 13, 2012

Gratitude............again and again

Thinking about Gratitude as I read Ann's A Holy Experience today and now ,again, I think about  how I am not a list person. Gratitude just came upon me this afternoon as I read an email from the oldest son saying: "Here's my work number if you need to get a hold of me." ( mind you, it is almost 5:00 , the end of the day)

I replied ," What happened to your cell?"

"Died. Going to get a new one tonight."

You know how something just hits you and you can see clearer. 

I just THANKED God for a son who at 28, married and still thinks " what if they had to get a hold of me. " Very thoughtful and conscientious.

That was my Mom. That was how she trained 8 children always to stay in touch with her, to think beyond themselves , especially if we were going out of town. 

The gratitude went  back two generations in my mind and heart, flew up to the Lord in Praise, and now  I am comforted by thinking about my Mom ( deceased)  right before Valentine's Day!

again and again.

( Bryan on his birthday a year ago)


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podso said...

I like families that keep in touch--know generally where each other is, and always have a way to be in touch if necessary. Kind of comforting.