Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Letters to Home

It is a lost art: Letter Writing. It costs more to mail a handmade and  handwritten Valentine or letter. Postage went up 1 cent but somehow that may be a tipping point. Definitely fast and cheaper to email or FB message or get a response.

Look what took my fancy today. It costs $25.00,  if you are interested in supporting the ARTS and love to write letters, this is for you!
Even after a March 3rd wedding, I am already inspired. I will post my entry come mid-March. 


Letters To Home

What would you say to your childhood home?
It's been awhile, and the house you grew up in is starting to wonder about you... If your childhood home could hear you, what would you say? It might have been...


podso said...

Oh this sounds delightfully enticing!!!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Interesting project. I would have to chose from a handful of childhood homes...we moved around a lot during a certain period, and even when we were in the same town, moved from house to house...whew, too much to think about! I have a list somewhere; I figured it out one many homes I lived in.