Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today : Wedding haircuts. Yesterday :  my husband.
Yesterday: #3 son who also had a job interview today. Good reason!  Groom got his earlier last  week ~~ it should be a good length by the time he stands to meet his bride. ( super short for his profession.)

 Odysseus went on  his adventures in The Odyssey everywhere  I went today, even  to the hair salon. Our hairdresser ( Korean)  told Emma and me  about her mother back in Korea and her childhood. As she cut Emma's hair, she  saw me reading but didn't ask WHAT book, then  went on to say ALL  about her two favorite childhood books: Heidi and  "that red head girl" (Anne of Green Gables...which I told her about seeing Anne's house  on P.E.I.). I could sort of picture a little Korean girl reading about Heidi and Anne being swept into the same things we  were. She was there in the Alps and on Prince Edward Island. I remember one of my sons saying Heidi was his favorite book. He always did that whenever a book tickled his soul and he lived within it.......... He has many, many favorite books!!


podso said...

Maybe I should get my wedding haircut now too! It's coming so soon!

debbie bailey said...

I so want to visit Anne's house on P.E.I. I even went so far as to look for lodging and ferry prices. Maybe in a year or two, we'll be able to go. I love your old books!