Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding poem by Luci Shaw

for Greg and Andrea

As God, creating, lifted from Adam

the archetypal rib, now, Greg, because you were alone,
he gives to you Andrea, telling you,
“Here. This is your woman, bone of your bone.”

And Andrea, longing for your loving to come true,

remember how the Lord God spoke,
so that a curving, warm bone woke
into a woman--vital, beautiful, and you !

Lord, let now your word leap down again, restore

Eden, and innocence, and say once more
Good! Will you, who made one like yourself,
and from that one made two,
join them in one again?

By Luci Shaw

**A lyric ode in honor of a bride and bridegroom.
a poem or song written to celebrate a marriage; nuptial ode

  from Latin, from Greek epithalamion  marriage song, from thalamos  bridal chamber


podso said...

How nice! And one of your favorite poets!

Nancy Kelly said...

This, too, I shall borrow...

Unknown said...

I was looking for a different poem by Luci Shaw, and guess where the bread crumbs ended?!

As always, grateful for you and your beautiful heart,