Saturday, February 25, 2012

One more week!

Preparing for next Saturday's wedding with:

audio: ( while in the car this week)

 Reading: ( thanks Nancy)

 My library copy's cover:

The wedding frenzy is almost over: Emma's bridesmaid's strappy black sandals arrived today!

Guys having the Bachelor Party  tonight down in the city!


melissa said...

Thinking about you, love. You do sound excited! :)

debbie bailey said...

I've read all the Mitford books plus the ones about Father Tim's childhood. Loved them all.

I hope everything goes well with the wedding and the couple lives happily ever after!

Noteworthy said...

I'll pray all goes perfectly, and that it's a lot of fun! Enjoy and congratulations!

walking said...

Wonderful! Many blessings to you all!