Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend comes early

Heading out of town this
weekend starting tomorrow.
To my sister's. She lives in
a small village ( 2400) that
has many lakes. A retreat for
me ~~ she is on
one of those lakes!
And Emma is in this class so
she will do some bird watching!

We're going to a baby shower for
a nephew and his wife on
Saturday ( up to Chapel Hill).
Been knitting hats ( shhhhh).
A friend said today the baby is
then my nephew once removed
and I will be an Aunt once
removed! Does that make sense?!
I think she was kidding . But
what do you call a nephew's baby
to you the Aunt of the nephew?

Have a warm read this weekend!


podso said...

Bonnie I think that makes you a GREAT aunt! If he's the grandson of one of your sibblings. Have fun and say hi to your sister for me.

Brenda Williams said...

Grand nephew and Grand Aunt are also commonly used. And would definitely apply!