Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Gratitude

God is a delicious good . ( Thomas Watson )
( 1620-1686)

That cake is from 2 years ago!
That kitten has grown up!
Wasn't she cute!

As the sunny warms this Valentine's
Day, I think of God's love.
It is delicious!
I love that short sentence of the
Puritan pastor. Lectio Divina.

In thanksgiving , I am so very thankful
for a job for a dear friend . We've been
praying for almost a year. Unemployment
seemed to invade our lives in the past years
with so many budget cuts.
She starts here ON VALENTINE'S DAY.
What a love gift from the Lord.
You can read the letter from her
boss! He has a very good blog on the
revolution in Egypt.

It is important to remember that the Bible tells us that nations rise and fall, leaders come and go, but God Himself is the One who appoints and pulls down. Everything is under the sovereign control of God.

Meeting friends this afternoon
for coffee ~~ which is something
to be thankful for in the midst of
busy lives! If you go to the Friends
link, her Valentine CARD was a print of
her headliner. I was not home when
it arrived . I have a picture on my
text messages of it from my Emma
when she opened it!

"Romance is the deepest thing in life. Romance is deeper even than reality

The power to live fully
is hidden in the truth of Christ's

Love the Lord with all your heart mind soul and strength. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Enjoy His presence .
Love Him with all.
He is a delicious good.
You are loved

Happy Valentine's Day!
May it be full of hugs!

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