Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oreo is our hero!

I got a call and a text this morning
when I was out that Emma screamed
when she opened her bedroom door
to find a MOUSE laid there by
Oreo ~~ dead!
Hope there is just 1 ~~!!


beth said...

Coty and I were awakened a week ago at 4 am to the sounds of something banging around downstairs. I thought we might have an intruder. Turns out we did, but it was a mouse intruder. I figured that out when I walked into my sewing room and found a dead mouse on the floor. Yay for Madison, the cat! The noise had been Madison running around chasing the mouse. He won! I set a trap in the morning and caught two more. So, beware! Where there is one, there are usually more! I do love a cat that's a good mouser!

Bonnie said...

OH I will tell Emma!

podso said...

Oreo was just proud to show her work!