Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Came in the Mail

December 09
December 09

This is the second Anthropologie
Catalog that has arrived in my mailbox
recently. November's is stunning.
I sighed. They are works of art.
That's why I had a loud OH sort of
sigh. Beauty does that. Then I thought
who takes the photos. hmmmm.....

The store is also if you want to step into
another place, sort of like Cape Cod
at certain times of the year. I don't know
why I always want to knit after being in
there. Best deal: the back SALE ROOM.
Request it to come to your mailbox!


melissa said...

Thanks, I did send off for it, and as I clicked SEND, I noticed that I'd misspelled my last name. Go figure. Suddenly plain old 'Smith' almost sounds Russian! But I'll still get the catalog!

Btw, isn't the cover pretty? Oh, you might want to order the J. Peterman catalog for yourself. Oldest daughter gets it and it's a joy to read. So much fun.

Bonnie said...

thanks Melissa!
I;ll look forward to it....Emma will too.

You made me laugh today! Smith becomes Russian!